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Welcome to the Church of The Living God - Chicago Branch. We are a Full Gospel Ministry.

Pastor Victor Teng & wife GeorginaPastor Victor Owusu-Teng is one of the young, dynamic, charismatic, and end- time preachers of the unadulterated word of God. He is motivational speaker, visionary and provocative thinker. His sermons are fully prophetic that brings out the revelatory knowledge from the word of GOD to our generation. Pastor Victor Owusu-Teng serves as the pastor of The Church of The Living of God-Chicago and extends a hand of help to the needy, heart of compassion to the hurting, and message of empowerment to the oppressed and disenfranchised. A father of four with wife Georgina, Victor Owusu-Teng credits his spiritual parents Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Gyermeh as the source of his perseverance and sense of self-reliance.

Pastor Victor Owusu-Teng is committed to true worship of God in truth and spirit and seriously deems worship as priority: the worship of God is my primary ministry pursued with biblically motivated zeal and offered in reverence with humility, childlikeness, and joyfulness. Pastor Victor Owusu-Teng is committed to ministry to the family: the biblically modeled family is God's foundational social and governmental unit and is to be nourished, served, and preserved as such. He strongly believes that under God our Creator, ethnic diversity is respected and under Christ, our redeemer, all humanity is invited to answer the Bible's call to the values and virtues of the kingdom of God. The main emphasis of his ministry is to Challenge the Body of Christ to live as GOD intended them to live from God's original intent, as no one is a Biological accident, and every individual has an appointment with destiny hence everybody was born with destiny and mission. Prophetically, his ministrations are about liberating people freely as GOD ordained them. He also points people to their destiny path-lines in order for them to discover and fulfill all their divine assignments.

Do you need intercessary prayer? If you do, we would be very please to pray for you. Please tell us your need and anything else you feel we should know. We promise to pray for you!

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